About Adult Chat

Welcome to our Adult Chat Rooms! Our rooms are free to access, easy to use and available to anyone over 18 in the UK. No subscription costs, no sign-up fees and no hassle with credit cards. Simply choose a username and you’ll soon be enjoying erotic chat with like-minded members from across the country. So, whether you fancy talking to people from London, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or anywhere else in the UK, this is the place to be. Although this is a UK site, there may well be people from other countries around the world joining in too – everyone is welcome!


Adult Chat Features

As mentioned, you only need a username to get chatting with lots of fun, sexy people from the comfort of your own home. Usernames are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so if the username you want is already taken you’ll need to think of something else. Pick a name that says something interesting about you or your hobbies so that people will be drawn to chatting with you.

When you enter your chosen chat room, chatters already online in the room will be shown in the list at the side. The people with @s next to their name are the moderators and it’s their job to make sure the rules are followed. They won’t interfere with your chat, but they will remove anyone who behaves aggressively or disruptively. Once you begin to know people you might want to speak with them directly. This is where the private message feature comes in, and to use it, simply click on their username and then ‘send a message’. If someone says something you don’t like or you’d rather not chat to them further, there’s the ignore feature too.

Adult Chat Tips

If you’ve never used chat rooms before or are just new to Sex Chat Rooms, it’s recommended you get started by reading the rules and taking things slowly. As you would in any social setting, see who’s around and get to know people in the main chat room before privately speaking with anyone. Say hello and be friendly but don’t try too hard. Everyone’s tastes, sexual preferences and humour are different so gradually integrate yourself before getting stuck in.

As ever with the internet, stay on your guard. The vast majority of people are friendly and genuine, but chatting to someone online doesn’t necessarily mean you really know them. Never share details like your address or financial background. As long as you keep this in mind, if you’re looking for adult chat with people from the south coast to Scotland and everywhere in between, Sex Chat Rooms is the perfect place for you.