About Lesbian Chat

Welcome to our Lesbian Chat Rooms, a free and simple to use online chat service for lesbian and bi-curious women across the UK. Discrete and no hassle to use, there are no sign-up fees or subscription costs, just entertaining, friendly chat rooms for like-minded people. So whether you’re looking for some casual fun or something more serious, we’ve got users from just about every area of the UK ready and waiting to chat. And although this is a UK site, you might well find people from other countries too – everyone is welcome to join in!


Lesbian Chat Features

With just a username, you can quickly and easily start chatting to all sorts of interesting people from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Your username must be unique, so if someone has already picked a particular name then you’ll need to think of something else. If you’re struggling, then why not add some numbers or letters on the end so it’s different. Pick a username that’s personal to you, and says something about your personality or interests. Make it fun and quirky so people are more likely to chat to you.

Once you’re in the chat room, you will notice a list of all the users currently online is displayed on the side of your screen. Moderators are clearly marked out by @s next to their name, and it’s these people who are there to make sure the rules are followed. They make sure things stay fun and safe, and will remove and ban anyone who is breaking the rules or behaving offensively. As you get to know people you’ll hopefully want to chat with them in private, and this is where the private chat feature is handy. You can find it by clicking on their username and then hitting ‘send a message’. We also understand that although hopefully everyone will be civil, sometimes people just don’t get on. If this happens, you can use the ignore feature.

Lesbian Chat Tips

If you’re just finding your feet in the world of online sex chat or you’ve just not used our particular chat rooms before, the first thing we advise you to do is get acquainted with the rules. Go slowly and try not to be too full on with people straight away. Before private messaging anyone, head into the main chat room first and introduce yourself. Be approachable and friendly but don’t come across as too keen! The last thing you want to do is put people off, especially whilst you’re still getting to know their preferences, likes and sense of humour.

As in any new situation, be careful when talking to people in sex chat rooms online, even as you start to make friends. Although we keep a careful eye on who uses our free chat rooms, it’s not always easy to know when people are being totally honest. Never tell anyone anything which is very private or personal, including family information and bank details. That being said, if you fancy whiling away the hours chatting to lots of great new people from Avon to Aberdeen and everywhere in the middle, Sex Chat Rooms is the place for you.