About Gay Chat

Welcome to our Gay Chat Rooms! Simple to use, totally free and with no subscription costs, it’s an online chat service specially created for gay people across the country to chat, relax and more. To get started in our friendly, warm and fun free chat rooms, just pick a username and start chatting to loads of like-minded people. So, whether you are looking to speak with users from London, Manchester, Plymouth, Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Portsmouth, Belfast, Cambridge or Swansea, you’ve come to the right place. While the biggest number of people using our site come from the UK, anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome too!


Gay Chat Features

As we’ve said, a username is all you need to access all our gay chat features from the comfort of your own sofa. Usernames are unique to each person, so if someone has already nabbed the username you fancied you’ll need to pick another one (or add some number or letters at the end!) Try to think of a nickname that sums you up as a person or includes an interesting pastime that will encourage people to chat to you.

When you’ve chosen your chat room and entered, you should be able to spot the list of usernames currently online on the side of your screen. If you look, you’ll see some people have @s beside their name, and these are the admins/moderators. These people are there to keep an eye out for any aggressive or offensive behaviour, and chatters who don’t follow the rules will be removed to keep it enjoyable for all. As you get to know people you may well want to chat with them in private. This can be done by using the private message feature – just click their username and then ‘send a message’. Obviously not everyone will gel, and sometimes you might come across someone you don’t want to speak to again. If this happens, you can use the ignore feature.

Gay Chat Tips

If you’ve never used online chat, or you’re just new to Sex Chat Rooms, it’s a good idea to read through the rules of engagement. Next, we would strongly recommend you take it slowly and ease yourself in. Speak to people in the main chat room first, rather than launching into private chats straight away. Be yourself, say hello and be approachable but don’t push things too hard. Too much humour or keenness to fit in can be off-putting, so get to know people’s interests, preferences and humour first.

Bear in mind that although our sex chat rooms are open, friendly places, not everyone online is always who they appear to be. Just because you’ve been chatting online to someone for a while, it doesn’t mean you necessarily know them well. Never share information about yourself which is private or sensitive, such as family or bank account details or your address. With this in mind, you can enjoy chatting to gay men from every part of the UK and have fun at the same time with our free sex chat rooms.